Access to education can be close to impossible for the child who needs to walk miles to haul water home every day. Our goal is to work with local schools that have found creative ways to incentivize school attendance while still respecting the reality of each family's needs. 

The Zariki School: In the small lake front village of Magu- Mwanza, Tanzania there is a teacher named Susan Nicholaus who graduated with a teaching degree from college and returned to Magu- Mwanza to educate the children of her small village. With no money and very little support Susan began to teach the local children by nailing a blackboard to a tree and gathering them for lessons. It was Susan's dream to teach these children the importance of education and help them to realize that there is a world outside of their small village.



We are pleased to announce we recently funded our first grant to the Bannet NGO in Uganda. Bannet was founded by Dr. Chris Emma Nakholi and its mission is to provide much needed healthcare services to under-served populations in small villages and neighborhoods in and near Jinja, Uganda. Dr. Nakholi has many years of experience working with local residents unable to access traditional options for the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases, including HIV.

The Lives We Impact

Our Mission

In 2011 we spent almost one month traveling in eastern Africa. This trip was both eye opening and life changing. When we returned we incorporated One World United to partner with and to fund and support educational and healthcare initiatives in several areas we visited.

We seek to partner with and support the operations of local healthcare providers in Uganda, Zambia, and Tanzania which can deliver effective preventative education and managed treatment to families and children with the greatest need.

The Omoana House: In Jinga, Uganda, the Omoana House treats HIV positive  children, stabilizes them, reintegrates them into their communities, and gives them hope for a self-sustaining future. Once they are home, their medical and social situations are monitored regularly and the community is sensitized to issues related to HIV/AIDS to ensure the children are welcomed as any other individual. Omoana House is run in partnership with St.Francis Health Care Services, a Ugandan organization which specializes in HIV/AIDS.