One World United - Tax ID 46-1744317


Founded: 2012

Board Members: Brian L. Trotier, Judith M. Bambace, and Christopher L. Trotier

Areas of expertise: Fundraising for the support of new, creative educational and healthcare initiatives in eastern Africa

Recent Projects

Mosquito Netting in Zambia
In partnership with the Power of Love Foundation ( we provided funding for the purchase of treated mosquito netting to reduce the number  of secondary diseases or infections in HIV positive children.

Mobile Clinic in Uganda
We provided a local organization (Bannet) founded by a physician from Jinga, Uganda with funding for medical supplies to be used to bring much needed diagnostic and treatment services to inhabitants of small villages near Jinga who lack the ability to travel to a more conventional bricks and mortar clinic.

At One World United our goal is to find local partners dealing with improving access to healthcare and education to support through funding and the development of strategic partnerships.


We have a simple mission: To bring improved access to healthcare and educational resources to some of the most under-served populations in Africa. By doing so we can dramatically improve the quality of life for a great number of children and families at a relatively low cost per person impacted. As a small non-profit, we seek to maximize return on our investment and to produce measurable outcomes.

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